Palette JH8 Lounge Table

Palette JH8 Lounge Table


Designed by Jaime Hayon, produced by &tradition

“Tables are where people exchange ideas, express emotions and connect with each other,” explains Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayon. “As a multi-purpose object, why not design a multi-tiered table where different sizes, shapes, colours and materials converge together? Like one of Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures. Various shapes suspended in air but kept in place, supported by a metal armature. Creating a curious equilibrium that resembles a mobile - only static.”

At first glance, each Hayon Lounge table is a lesson in geometry. One version features a round shape coupled with a hexagon together with an elongated oval. Another version has a painter’s palette shape, while another version juxtaposes a rounded rectangle with an elongated oval and a circle. Each table is a composition of three distinctive shapes beautifully balanced at different heights which form a unified whole.


Brass, red Rosso Levanto Marble, blue stained ash.


The base is made from welded and powder coated steel tubes. The table tops are made from laser cut satin polished brass, polished marble and stained ash veneer.

Dimensions: D: 66.3cm / 26in, W:54.9cm / 21.6in, H: 57cm / 22.4in

Weight: 12 kg

Shipment is within 6-8 weeks.

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