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Our selection of furniture embodies our love to the might and elegance of natural wood. Every piece is made to last. Combining different workhouses in one catalogue we aim to offer the most elegant and natural solution for each function.


Selecting pieces for the dining collection we were very influenced by recent reopening of noma restaurant. Chef Rene Redzepi envisioned tables and chairs "that would have simple and obvious forms without creating a feeling that you sit on a throne". BRDR KRUGER, the 3rd generation of woodworkers from Copenhagen, in collaboration with Studio David Thulstrup have realized that vision in a magnificent collection ARV, that we believe is worthy to hit Danish design hall of fame.



Strong and simple storage units. Sideboards, shelves and cabinets are made by a team of woodworkers in Ukraine. They are heavily influenced by Scandinavian design in its wildest forms. They use thick and heavy ash and oak to create simple and very strong objects.



We are fascinated by the Spanish product designer Jaime Hayon (pronounced 'Hi-me Hi-on'). His Iberian heritage and sense of humour are inherent in everything he creates. Quote by Jaime Hayon: "It is important to remember that my design is made for humans – to be used by humans. I believe that design should provoke emotions. Design should make you feel good. Create happiness."

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Bring the charm to your home or office with the stylish, practical and comfortable desk-tables, made of metal and solid ash.



This country style chairs, benches and Ladders, made of massive oak and treated with oil-wax, will bring special character to your home. From the woods to the house.



Full-height mirrors expand and decorate any room, from bedroom to bathroom. Made with solid wood frames are heavy and reliable.



Lightweight furniture design example for small spaces. Small table also could be used as a nightstand. Made of solid ash, finished with oil-wax.



Compact, durable and ecologically made of solid ash with a reliable frame.