Bølling Tray Table & Colors

Bølling Tray Table & Colors


In 1963 Architect Hans Bølling took on the challenge to design a simple and highly functional table, which was easy to assemble and easy to handle. The result was a tray table that perfectly reflects Brdr. Krüger’s design philosophy: to craft honest and original designs that are built to last.

The Bølling Tray Table owes its wide-reaching success to its emotional and playful qualities. It is flexible and can be used in many ways – as a serving trolley or side table – and rests on a wooden H-frame that can easily be folded without the use of tools.

The two reversible trays, of high-pressure laminate plates, can be turned for colour variation. And there is a wide range of colours and wood to choose from.

Producer: Brdr.Krüger, Denmark.

Size: Ø:50cm. H:55cm.

Cardboard box: 78x11x56cm.

Weight: 4,5 kg

Frame: Beech

Shipment is within 10 days.

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