Feldspar is Jeremy and Cath Brown, who moved from Hackney to Devon for a slower pace of life in the fresh air. They create 'objects for life', homewares with an emphasis on timeless design and quality materials - good things made properly and to last.

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Fine bone china mugs with a gently dimpled surface with deep blue handpainted or 22k gold finished handles. The dimples make the mugs very tactile - hands aren't perfectly cylindrical, and neither are our mugs.

Handcrafted in Stoke-on-Trent using English fine bone china, highly regarded around the world for its bright white colour, fineness and strength. Each mug comes in its own gift box, made in the UK from paper milled in the Lake District.



A family of vases, designed with a sense of the organic matter to be placed within. A plinth holds an uneven, natural shaped vessel, which in turn holds the flower or arrangement.

Bud vase is designed to hold a single stem - a cutting from the garden, or a particularly special find from the florist. Stem vase is designed to hold either a tall arrangement or a singular stem, a bough of blossom or a clutch of dahlias.

Handcrafted in Stoke-on-Trent using English Fine Bone China.



When Jeremy and Cath first moved down to Devon, they made plates and bowls out of necessity - they needed them - a lot of them, to cater for their families coming down for a moorland Christmas - so they designed some they loved and made them.