Shoe Rack Wudya

Shoe Rack Wudya


Handmade indoor shoe rack Wudya was inspired by wild nature. We tried to keep the natural structure of the tree and it’s history.

Only dead wood is used in the production of the rack, meaning that no tree has to be harmed by the hand of a human. Due to the preserved natural structure one can even see the traces of woodboring beetles, who happen to be the cause of tree’s death.

The rack is made of solid oak, covered with white oil wax. Designed by Woodmood.

The rack is handmade for each order. Size variations are possible.

Length - 112 cm
Width - 40 cm
Height - 110 cm
Wood - solid oak
Finish - white oil wax
Weight - 50 kg

Shipment is within 7-9 weeks.

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This product is made with solid ash which can have the following finishes. In the Picture is the Rack with Smoked color.